Friday, May 27, 2005

IMRG e-retail results for April 2005

IMRG: "internet shopping rockets 30% in april - marks the end of rip-off britain : 19/5/2005

* Internet shopping growth accelerated to 30% in April its fastest year-on-year rate of increase for 7 months, while high street trading fell by 1.3%, the biggest fail in a decade
* E-retail's growth rate tripled in the last quarter (from 13.4% in February) while the high street's fell by 4.2% (from 2.9% in February)
* 7% of all retail took place online in April, as 22 million UK consumers bought goods online worth more than �1,374 million
* e-retail sales have increased by 1500% in 5 years (since April 2000), while total UK retail sales have grown just 20%
* �42 billion worth of goods have been bought online by British shoppers since April 2000
* By April 2010, online shopping will have expanded by a further 320%, be approaching �60 billion per annum, and represent almost 20% of all retail. 36 million Britons will shop online by 2010."


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